I can report that our Lightshow Dance Concert with Liquid and Technical Difficulties on April 21st of the year 2000, at the Akebono Theater in Pahoa - Hawaii, was a sensational success! This was our first lightshow on this island, since I moved here 9 years ago, and the people loved it. Some of the comments were:

The Theater Manager
It blew my mind!

The Sound Man
Like being on LSD without taking any.

Enthusiastic Patron
I live in San Francisco, and I've never seen this.

Lead Singer for Liquid
Big hug and keep on doing Lightshows.

Bob with the Lightshow equiptment, before the show.

We really enjoyed the show and hope to do more in the future.

Some important factors for a good lightshow are:

   Synchronously with the music
   Positive subject matter
   Bright colors and uplifting movement of the liquid projection

Control of presentation is important but it is also important to be spontaneous and go beyond certain boundaries upon occasion to rediscover limitations and develop new ideas.

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