Living In Question - A local band that we have done several lightshows with.

Technical Difficulties - A local band we have played with now and then.

Planet Puna - Lots of links to other people/businesses in our area.

Ken Kesey - They also do some psychedelic stuff...

Rainbow Puddle Lightshows - "Hi ya all, so appreciate the link on your site. Besides the psychedelic photos (all my work btw) can you please inform the searching public that I do kick ass mind bending psychedelic lightshows. Recently with Mutaytor at The Fillmore! yay! -- Namaste & plur, VJ Rainbow Puddle"

pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK - Lots of information about bands and lightshows...

pOoTers' Interview with Bob - The history of the Brotherhood of Light lightshow. Scroll down to see their interview with Bob.

PosterGeist -

The Rock Art Museum -

The Rock Poster Society -

The Hunger Site - Just a click a day could save someones life... Sounds like a good use of 5 seconds to me.

Eden Roc Estates - The website for our subdivision, Eden Roc.

Lifesmith Classic Fractals - They sell Fractals on many different items

Technicolor Web of Sound -

Contest Listings - Lots of contests to enter...

Hawaii Island Journal - They provide lots of neat and informative stories about our area.

Psychedelix -

Palace Theater - A beautiful Theater We Do Lightshows In - A site with tons of information on all kinds of painting. They have so many links to our site (since I'm the webmaster of both sites) that I couldn't possibly not link there.

Foundation For The Law Of Time - Books and Information/How You Can Help Save Our Planet

Coast To Coast Radio - Tune In...Find Out What's Happening

Library Of Halexandria - Information about the pole shift and just about everything else.

Ice Age Now .com - Up to date info on our changing climate.

Nexus Magazine - The best magazine.

Enterprise Mission - A great place of learning.

Swirled News - See the latest crop circles.....

Real Goods - Products for an ecologically sustainable future....

PBS Television - Lots to explore.

Earth Files - Headlines and news of planet Earth.

Earth Changes Bulletin - Recent information about the changes Earth is now experiencing.....

Guerrilla News Network - Full of fantastic information.

Kronia - Learn about how ancient myth supports recent scientific discoveries.

Spiral Update News - See the face on the Pacific Ocean floor!

Mad Cowboy - Read about the dangers of meateating.

Michael Sharp - Consciousness is the root of all things.

P.M. H. Atwater,L.H.D. - Inspiring insight about near-death experiences.

Seed Savers Exchange - Plant heirloom seeds in your garden.

CBS News - Read about the discovery of Bill Graham's collection....

Electric Universe - Enlightening news and views about our electric universe.

Unknown Country and Dreamland Online - An alternative news source.

Understand Earth - Lots of interesting information.

Space,com - Full of great space and science news.

Robert - Learn about the Sirius mystery....'a real life Indiana Jones...'

Dr. Louis Turi - Divine astrology and astropsychology with predictions and more..... - The message from water is telling us to take a look at ourselves... See the water crystals... Learn about HADO

Groovy Tees - It's time to get Groovy.

Earth Save.Org - Animal agriculture produces more than 100 million tons of methane a year...

"Near Death Experience Research Foundation" - "The largest selection of published NDE accounts in the World."

Earthpulse Press - Learn personal mind control for self-understanding.

The Mayan Calendar - The website of Carl Johan Calleman

Doctors Are Dangerous - Do not use Aldara.

Lumina Health Products - Cellfood is a valuable nutritional supplement.

Office Of Communications - Agency of Public Affairs for the reinstated Hawaiian Government.

Free - Information about Independence for Hawaii.

Free - For the restoration of a free Hawaii.

Swami Beyondananda - Swami Beyondananda's 2007 State of the Universe address.

Dr. Stephen Greer - Learn the hidden truth.... - New solar panel breakthrough.

ESP Research - Remote Viewing and Spiritual Healing.

The Hundred Year Lie - Protect Yourself from synthetic foods and medicines.

2012 Unlimited - Fascinating, in-depth coverage of this very important occasion.

Climate Crisis - See "An Inconvenient Truth" about Global warming.

Enlightened Contact With Extraterrestrial Intellig - Evidence of UFO contact...

Austrailian Close Encounter Resource Network - Learn more about 'star children' and UFO contact.

The Dreams Foundation - Learn a practical understanding of dreams.

Forbidden Archeology - Learn about the hidden history of humanity.

Graham - Fresh Universal breaking news... Learn the importance of Shamanism in society.

The Biocybernaut Institute - "Expand your awareness to expand your abilities."

James McCanney - Learn about the Electric Universe and Recent Solar Flare Updates.

The God - Valuable insight - Lots of fascinating information.

Fastwalkers - Learn the hidden truth regarding UFO contact.

The Tree Of Life Rejuvenation Center - An oasis for awakening... "Create peace by being peace."

Tranceformers - Shamans Of The 21st Century - This page describes The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program.

The Intention - What if your thoughts could save the world?

Gregg - Science and Spirituality agree on many points.

The Website of Jecharia Sitchin - This truth is more amazing than fiction.

Global Consciousness Project - We are all connected.

The Horizon - A fusion of scientific evidence explains the coming changes.

The Academy For Future Science - Current science news and consciousness exploration.

Earth Systems Monitor - Latest news about Earth's wobble, recent sunspots and much more.

Godlike Productions - Fascinating..... Interactive.....User friendly...

The Intelligent Universe - A Brilliant Introduction To An Important Idea.

Shakti - Spirituality and the Brain..... There is more to learn...

Earth - A valuable discussion of folk remedies and holistic cures.

Health Truth - Valuable Health News.

David - Latest news headlines.

Archaeology Answers - Explore the amazing discoveries of Jonathan Gray.

Quit Smoking - Are you ready to quit smoking?

American Lung Association - More information about how and why to quit smoking. - A return to Health: Quitting smoking & Skin care.

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