Bob's History with the Brotherhood of Light.

About Bob:
I am a nature lover, and a music lover... a farmer and a photographer. I am happily living my dream as a banana farmer who does lightshows. I am grateful for your support in this crusade to bring light and color to the people.

A vegetarian since April 1970, I have lived in Hawaii for the last 18 years, practicing a life of voluntary simplicity, drinking rain water, and using solar power.

Throughout my lifetime, I have witnessed the growing gap between the natural world and the civilized world. My early discovery of this gap helped me choose a natural path through life. Fractals are the natural Flora and Fauna of Cyberspace. After all, which image is really more natural on a computer, a picture of a tree, or a fractal pattern?

Historically, pictures have always been used as language to communicate spiritual feelings. Organized religious institutions historically support artistic efforts to enhance spiritual feelings through the use of art. Pictures can truly be an effective aid to meditation. These pictures are designed to awe and inspire, to bolster courage and impart wisdom.

All these years I have never given up my dream of bringing back the lightshow. I knew in my heart that I could do things in visual art that are original and enjoyable. In my experiences in life, I have never seen anything else as visually stimulating and satisfying as bright swirling colors synchronized with great music. The real value of lightshows has yet to be assessed in historical terms.

As I watch my poster collection shrinking, I am encouraged by the fact that they are being distributed to people who love them. People who care enough to pay the price to own them. The shows that these posters represent were magical events, each carefully planned and orchestrated by the cooperative effort of dedicated people. These posters carry a physical charge from that time past.

When I started collecting posters, it was so I would have something tangible to show people when I tried to explain these amazing shows that I was involved in. I always found the temporary nature of lightshows disturbing because so many beautiful images would just disappear when the show was over. The concept of a more permanent version of lightshow art occurred naturally in regards to this dilemma. These pictures offer a more lasting image of the unique beauty found in the lightshow.

Now that we are in the 21st Century, lets welcome a new age of understanding. We are living in a time when ancient wisdom and proven scientific knowledge blend in harmony with the new vibrations of the coming Galactic Convergence of 2012. Just as spiritual exploration can reveal your true identity, so fractals can provide evidence to support the discoveries of natural science in regards to the physical world. After all, Cyberspace is a reflection of an outer reality we regard as the physical world.

Fractal science provides solid evidence that all things, both natural and artificial, are connected and interactive, Our intention is to provide you with pictures that illustrate the relationships of these realities.

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